Discover one of the Highest Strength Fish Oil Formula
“BioMarine Fish Oil”- Nutritional Health Benefits For Your Body !!!

Major health organizations highly recommend to taking Fish Oil as daily supplement:

1. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - < 2 grams fish oil per day

Recommended daily intake of EPA+DHA:

  1. Adults require at least 500mg of EPA+DHA per day.
  2. Breastfeeding Women: consume 200 - 300mg DHA per day.

Benefits of BioMarine Fish Oil Plus:

  1. Natural Fish Oil 1200mg with one of the highest Strength of 900mg EPA and DHA with additional 2 ingredients Squalene and Vitamin E
  2. Enteric-coated softgels withstand stomach acid to release fish oil directly into the intestinal tract. This ensures you get the benefits of fish oil.
    - No fishy burp-back
    - No digestive discomfort
    - No fishy breath
  3. Molecularly distilled omega-3 fish oil for purity and benefits. Highly effective in removing contaminants such as PCB and methyl mercury from the fish oil.
  4. Uses ONLY natural, high quality, pure, pharmaceutical grade Omega-3 Fish Oil from New Zealand.
  5. Delivers an suitable Ratio of EPA and DHA, these two essential fats in omega-3 oils are crucial to your health.
  6. Special and Comprehensive ingredients in the market.
  7. Exceptional manufacturing consistency that delivers fish oil through extremely rigorous selection, production, and testing.

Direction of use:

Orally taken. Adult (above 12 years old) 1-2 softgels daily after meal or as directed by health professional.



Benefit of each ingredient:

Ingredient Source Function
Natural Fish Oil 1200mg with one of the highest Strength of 900mg EPA and DHA Thunnus obeses (Tuna)
Engraulis ringens (Sardine)
  • Maintain the balanced production prostaglandins. Prostaglandins help regulate many important physiological functions.
Squalene 100mg Centrophorus granulosus
(Shark liver)
  • Antioxidant properties that are useful in enhancing body health
  • Revitalize weakened body cells and helps revive cell generation
Vitamin E (Equiv Natural Vitamin E 18 I.U) 15mg Glycine Max
(Soy bean)

Health Benefit of BioMarine Fish Oil Plus:

  1. Pregnancy and Lactation
    Omega-3 fatty acids are required for foetal and newborn growth and development.

BioMarineΩ3 Fish Oil is recommended for :-

  1. Elderly
  2. Who wants to maintain body health

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