Selling point

  1. A French formulation.
  2. Clinically proven botanical extracts mix.
  3. Relieve emotional syndromes, such as mood swings and stress.
  4. Improve memory and cognitive performance.
  5. Added with prebiotic G.O.S. to enhance food digestion and nutrients absorption.
  6. Free of Fat, Low in Sugars, Source of Dietary Fibre.

PureMed MemoBliss Botanical Beverage Mix
Packing size: 30 sachets /box, 5g /sachet
Active ingredients:
- Safr’InsideTM (Saffron stigma extract) – 15mg
- French grape extract & Wild Blueberry extract – 300mg
- Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) 27% – 1g
Recommended dosage:
Adults: 2 sachets daily after meal.
Children: 1 sachet daily after meal.
Mix with 150mL to 200mL chill water, stir well to be consumed.

Suitable for

  1. Elderly
  2. Working adults with hectic daily schedule
  3. Postnatal mothers with poor memory.
  4. Students (7 years and above)
  5. Active athletes.

Cognitive management

  1. Consume more polyphenol antioxidants food to improve cognitive function.
  2. Get adequate sleep accordingly to improve brain neuroprotective.
  3. Regular physical activity to promote blood circulation and brain cells synaptic plasticity.

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